Why Should I use Hotel Same Night?

Because our expertise is last minute bookings, hotels give us great deals on the rooms that might go unbooked. So we share these irresistible deals (up to 50% discounts) with you! On HSN, you can wait until the last minute to book your hotel and get amazing deals or you can book your hotel up to 7 days in advance and still get a good deal although not as much as you would get with the last minute booking. Whether you like to be spontaneous and book your hotels at the last minute or prefer to book your hotels in advance…Everyone can use Hotel Same Night! You will soon see that HSN partners with variety of quality hotels. Eventually, you will even choose your preferred HSN partner hotel.

Can I book for more than one night?

Yes, you can book for stays up to 5 nights.

How many days in advance I can book?

You can book your hotel up to seven days in advance

How late can I book for a same-day check-in?

         Hotel Same Night opens at 10:00 am, every morning. For the same day check-in bookings you can book from 10:00am to 2:00am.

        Can I choose my room type?

         You can make your single/double room selection using the tab at the upper-right corner of your main screen. Every time you press that tab, you will update your single/double room selection and the hotels at the main page will be listed accordingly. (In a single room only one person can accommodate and in a double room maximumtwo people can accommodate). However, we are letting HSN partnered hotels specify the room types so that we can give you the best last-minute deals. You also have the option to choose your bed type when it is available.  

          Can I cancel my reservation and get a refund?

           All Hotel Same Night bookings are non-refundable and we remind users with our three-switch system before the purchase is complete. We prefer working non-refundable in order to get the best deals from the hotels for you.

What do your categories mean?

          We categorized hotels so that you have more information about them. We partner  with a wide variety of hotels that meet everyone’s needs and preferences, but they  all have something in common: they are the best in their categories.

1-    Luxury: A five star hotel which offers the finest guest services and amenities for when you want to be treat like a royalty

2-    Trendy: A fashionable hotel with great style

3-    Comfort: Satisfying hotels with all the expected amenities

4-    Standard: Reliable hotels with limited amenities                                                         

5-    Boutique: An intimate, cozy hotel or a bed &breakfast which can easily feel like home

How does HSN choose the hotels that it partner with?

We only partner with the hotels that are up to our standards, primarily our shared values of quality and reliability. Therefore, there are limited number of hotels. Yet, our goal is to serve everyone and that’s why we partner with a wide variety of hotels that meet different needs and tastes.

What do your Hotel Reviews mean?

Hotel Same Night users write reviews for the hotels after their stays. You can read these reviews to make your hotel selections easier. Following your stay you can write your own reviews to let us know what do you think about the hotels. When we keep getting positive comments from you, we gladly renew our partnership with the hotels

3- The Application

How can I choose the city, area and days I want to book?

On the main screen the hotels are listed according to your location (the hotels nearest you will appear first). If you want to book your hotel for a different location, then tap to Search Icon next to the name of your current location and choose your desired city and area.  Once you choose your desired location, you can tap to “Serach” and you will have the list of the hotels available at your desired location.

Hotels appearing on the main screen offer availability for tonight (for the same-day check-in reservations). If you want to book your hotel for a different date, just tap to “Pick a Date” and pick your desired dates.

How can I change my user information?

You can change your user information by choosing “ACCOUNT” from the 3-line-menu-icon at the left upper corner of your main screen. Then choose “EDIT NAME/EMAIL”, once you edit your changes tap “EDIT” to save your changes.

How can I change my payment method?

You can change your payment method by choosing “ACCOUNT” and then ‘PAYMENT” from the 3-line-menu-icon at the left upper corner of your main screen.

How can I invite my friends to Hotel Same Night?

You need “YOUR INVITE CODE” to invite your friends to Hotel Same Night. You can learn “YOUR INVITE CODE” by tapping “INVITE A FRIEND” from the 3-line-menu-icon at the left upper corner of your main screen. You can also share your invite code by SMS, EMAIL, and FACEBOOK by tapping “SHARE” which is located below “YOUR INVITE CODE”. When your friend downloads Hotel Same Night and books a hotel, both you and your friend get Hotel Same Night Credits valued at 10 Turkish Liras.

Conditions for the “INVITE A FRIEND” system:

·      You cannot invite someone who is using the same mobile phone and credit card with you.

·      You can only use the “INVITE A FRIEND” system individually. You cannot share your invite code with other web sites and travel agents for commercial purposes. You can share your code from your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) but you cannot share your code at the social media accounts that does not belong to you. You cannot share your code by Google, Yahoo and other search engine.

Failure to acknowledge the Hotel Same Night guidelines will result in termination of your account.

Do Hotel Same Night Credits expire?

Unfortunately, Hotel Same Night credits expire a year after your last booking.

How Can I convert currency displays in my selected hotels?

You can convert the currency hotel prices are displayed in by choosing “ACCOUNT” and then from the 3-line-menu-icon at the leftupper corner of your main screen. Then choose “EDIT NAME/EMAIL”. Once you edit your changes, tap “EDIT” to save them.

How can I be sure that my credit card information is secure?

Our aim is to allow you to book your hotels under 30 seconds. That’s why we give you a choice to save your credit card information on your first booking. If you choose to save your credit card information, you will only have to write your credit card security code to complete your future bookings. Your credit card information will only be saved to your device and Hotel Same Night will not have any access to it. Also, we would like to remind you that if your mobile phone is stolen or lost, Hotel Same Night will not take any responsibility for your credit card information.  

What are Promo Code, Invite  Code and Hotel Same Night Credits ? How can I redeem these codes?

Sometimes, Hotel Same Night gives Promo Codes to its users and you can use these codes to get even better deals!

If a friend wants to invite you to HSN and you download the HSN app and book your first hotel using your friend’s invite code, both you and your friend earn Hotel Same Night Credits valued at 10 Turkish Liras.

To activate your Promo Code or Invite Code all you have to do is to tap “Redeem Code” from the 3-line-menu-icon at the left upper corner of your main screen. When you write your code and then tap to “Submit”, your code will be redeemed and your credit is automatically recorded for your future benefits. To see how much HSN credits you have, tap “Account” and then “Credits” from the 3-line-menu-icon at the left upper corner of your main screen.

Your HSN credits will be applied for your next booking.

4- The Deal

Where does your comparison rate come from?

The price indicated with a crossed through line below a hotel is the best available price for that hotel at that moment from either the hotel’s web site or from online booking websites. The price below the crossed through price is the special offer that HSN offers you which you can not find elsewhere.  

Are your deals better than other sites?

Since we focus on the last minute bookings, we get last minute deals from hotels for their unbooked rooms. That’s why our deals are better than hotel’s own web sites or from online booking websites.

Hotel Same Night Price Guarantee:

We guarantee that the deals you find at Hotel Same Night are the best available prices at that moment! If you find a better price elsewhere, Hotel Same Night offers you the difference between what you paid on Hotel Same Night andthe better deal that you find elsewhere in HSN credits.

Hotel prices change  from one moment to another, that’s why we guarantee our price for 2 hours after your booking.

 Guideline for the HSN Price Guarantee:

The better rate you found elsewhere must be for the same hotel, the same room type, and same dates that you booked on Hotel Same Night.

Be aware however that rates offered through loyalty programs of hotels or other booking websites and rates offered as part of travel packages are not valid

The rates that offered by websites in which hotel names are not indicated are not valid

If the better price that you found elsewhere respond to the terms stated above, just email your email address plus the information about the better price that you foundd elsewhere to info@hotelsamenight.com.  HSN will pay you the difference between what you paid on Hotel Same Night andthe better deal that you found elsewhere in HSN credits.